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Meeting Measurement and Evaluation 
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MeetingMetrics Makes It Easy
To Produce Professional Results

“Complete one meeting and you’re up to speed.”

- Meeting Management Dashboard
- Automated Survey Administration
- Intuitive Point-and-Click Interface
- Customizable Questionnaire Templates
- Real-time Online Reporting & Sharing
- “One-Click” ROE Pre-formatted Reports

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"I use MeetingMetrics for our meetings because it provides me with a complete professional-level meeting survey toolkit - a set of specialized surveys and processes that address each stage of a meeting from pre-meeting participant needs analysis to post-meeting results measurement including ROI. I have the right tool at hand for each type of measurement I need to accomplish. And it's flexible enough for my customer and market research surveys as well. Ease of use, professional-level meeting measurement, flexibility and great service. I strongly recommend it to meeting managers who are serious about using research to drive meeting results and measuring meeting outcomes."
Nancy Scherden, Market Research Director
Navistar Corporation

"The shifts we achieved from pre- to post-meeting results among our dealers were remarkable. We had never used measurement for our meetings before …and now, we’ll never do another meeting without it. We’ve become believers in the power of research-driven meetings."
General Manager, Dealer Relations,
Global Automotive Company

"It's a great system. I have piloted it for the UCSF office of CME and also for the American College of Emergency Physicians scientific assembly. Reports are very well designed, and it is easy to obtain and manipulate the data. They provided fantastic service - To be honest, I haven't worked with any company that is as responsive as effectively and rapidly, not just for evaluations."
Jeffrey Tabas MD
Professor of Emergency Medicine
Office of Continuing Medical Education
UCSF School of Medicine
"Meeting Metrics was our winner of the WorldWide Technology Watch in 2008 and we proceeded to use their online evaluation surveys for our educational content during EIBTM 2009. The system worked really well and we were very pleased with the response rates and results plus attendees could evaluate sessions during the event rather than just after and we were able to run full reports in real time with a single click."
Mandy Torrens
Head of Marketing and Buyer Programmes
Meetings Portfolio, Reed Travel Exhibitions
A Unique Online Results Measurement Service for
Association and Corporate Meetings
Return On Event (ROE)*
Celebrating Ten Years of Service
to the Meetings Industry
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Insures Meeting Success and Measures ROE Results
Event Performance Indices (EPI) Scores
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Introducing SynthesisA new toolset for quicker, easier analysis and reporting of results from open-end comment survey questions. Using keywords, word cloud displaysand in verbatim comment tables, users can quickly unlockvalue and report on the important meaning found in hundreds/thousands of comments. Learn More

New Knowledge Testing and Achievement Certification Service
For Training and Professional Educators – a low-cost, efficient alternative to LMS
Why pay for the overhead of an expensive LMS when you can get testing and certifications from our online T&C Services at a fraction of the cost?
  • Online knowledge testing
  • Individual learner scorecards on demand
  • Achievement certificates for accreditation on demand
  • Certificate archiving and retrieval on-demand
T&C services boil it down to the basics – delivering what is needed by organizations of any size for a single training program, professional development course or an entire curriculum.
  • Begin offering knowledge exams and certificates
  • Expand or refine existing education programs
  • Provide greater value to your organization
Easy to learn. Easy to use.
Based on years of online education session evaluations for thousands of professional education conferences, T&C Services offer a new, relatively low-cost, efficient alternative to expensive, complex learning management systems.

  1. Informs Presenters of Attendees’ Session Needs and Preferences Prior to Event
  2. Improves Session Design, Usefulness and Value for Attendees
  3. Enhances Speaker and Session Ratings
Works in Three easy steps – Two Weeks – No License Required
  1. Session Needs Survey collects attendees’ input on their session preferences
  2. Survey results are auto-delivered to session speakers prior to event
  3. Presenters use attendee preference input to sharpen session content and design

*Call 212-426-2333 for turnkey Session Needs Survey service pricing

MyROI - A New Service with Unique New Benefits for Educational Conferences, Tradeshows and Events
  1. Individual ROI Reports detail event value for each attendee
  2. Valuable participant ROI average for sponsor promotion to increase future attendance
  3. Increased event income through revenue-sharing arrangement with MeetingMetrics

Why Meeting Professionals Choose MeetingMetrics
MeetingMetrics provides users with a proven, meeting results measurement process, Return On Event (ROE), that has successfully served meeting makers for over two decades. The friendly, intuitive online system offers users a selection of six specialized pre- and post-meeting customizable surveys plus real-time, online reporting designed to meet the research needs of large meetings.

Includes an exclusive Post-meeting ROI survey with online reporting developed with, and endorsed by, the ROI Institute for MeetingMetrics licensees, Institute workshop students and ROI consultants.

Pre-meeting Baseline Surveys - Identify the needs and priorities of prospective meeting attendees to insure the development of on-target meeting content and design as well as accurate, attendance building, event marketing promotions.

In-Meeting, Paperless, Online Session Evaluation Survey -
is a streamlined, low-cost, green solution that delivers session ratings and speaker evaluations in real-time from the Online Report Center. Create your session evaluation survey in the system. Promote it to your attendees. MeetingMetrics will do the rest.

Detailed reports are available online 24/7 in a variety of graph and table formats that can be emailed, printed and saved or quickly converted to PowerPoint and print presentations. Meeting participants can access the online questionnaire 24/7 using their PDA, notebook or any available computer to complete as many session evaluations as desired and return as often as they like.

Post-meeting Benchmark/Evaluation surveys - Measure and report meeting results of attendees’ satisfaction, knowledge gains, skill development, shifts in perceptions and attitudes, intentions, behavior and post-meeting needs - Return On Event (ROE).

Meeting ROI Survey - Collects reaction and learning results, business benefit information and all costs associated with the meeting. The ROI Online Report Center computes the Benefit-Cost Ratio, Organization and Participant ROI and provides easy to read executive reports for CFO and CEO-level presentations.
MeetingMetrics Delivers Key ROE Strategic Benefits for Organizations
  • Insures More Effective, Successful Meetings
  • Optimizes Attendee Satisfaction
  • Drives Post-meeting Business Impacts and Bottom-line Results
  • Increases Meeting Attendance
  • Proves the Value of Your Meeting to Your Organization and Participants
  • Demonstrates Achievement of Strategic Goals and Objectives plus ROI
MeetingMetrics Delivers Key ROE Strategic Benefits for Meeting Professionals
  • Develop meeting research, measurement and reporting skills
  • Become an internal meeting communications consultant
  • Add greater value to your meeting services
  • Increase your strategic contributions to your organization’s meeting success
  • Earn greater respect, income and security as a more valued professional

* The terms "Return On Event (ROE)" were originated by Ira Kerns, Managing Director of GuideStar Research and MeetingMetrics, in 1991 to describe the benefits of a pre-meeting baseline - post-meeting benchmark meeting results measurement process (Meeting Productivity Process - MPP) he developed in addition to the Core-7 Meeting Dimensions used for defining the specific meeting results measurement criteria for large group meetings. Return On Event (ROE) terminology is an integral element of MeetingMetrics service offering and brand identity. It describes the benefits of the firm's services and is a well known among the firm's clients and within the meetings industry as being associated with the firm as a result of almost two decades of communications in trade press articles, literature and promotions, workshops, webinars and on the firms' websites as well as those of MeetingMetrics Service Providers and strategic partners.
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